Here's the data we used to determine which Florida counties produced the most high school football talent

Phillip Suitts
Palm Beach Post

It's a topic endlessly debated and discussed among Florida high school football coaches, players and fans. Which counties produce the most talent? 

Thanks to a USA Today Florida Network project, we have answers. 

Using each county's average high school enrollment from 2017-20 and total number of signees each year, we calculated which counties produce the most Power 5 talent per person.

The answers may surprise you, or they may not. 

We investigate:Which Florida counties really produce the most Power 5 talent?

Palm Beach County:It once produced stars like Lamar Jackson, but where has that talent gone?

Looking for the data that we collected? You can view it at the link below and sort counties by a variety of factors, from student population to how many Power 5 signees there were in a county in a given year.

Look at the data:Power 5 signees by county