Racing a new way at Southern

Dusty Ricketts

Southern Raceway hosted racing action in a completely new way, but the response and the racing action was something unbelievable.

The track hosted 120 cars representing six different states as the fans watched all the action via pay-per-view and the action was something you had to see.

The Crate Late Models put on a show just in qualifying as the top 15 qualifiers all turned in times in the 15-second range.

Bo Slay posted the fastest time of 15.330 seconds with the top 10 drivers separated by just over five-tenths of a second.

And the racing was just as close.

Slay took off from the pole at the drop of the green flag with Mike Lane in second and Johnathon Joiner running a close third.

Near the halfway point of the 20-lap feature, Joiner moved to second and turned the heat up on Slay as they were within one car length of each other.

As Slay and Joiner took the white flag, they started approaching slower cars and had to carefully pick their way through the field while not giving up a position or losing any momentum.

Joiner closed going into turn three and pulled along Slay’s left rear quarter panel. Coming off turn four racing to the checkered flag both drivers encountered cars battling for position.

Slay swerved left and Joiner turned his late model even lower and started pulling alongside of the leader’s car at the line but could only get up to Slay’s door panel.

Rounding out the top five were Jason Jarrell, Lane, and DG Hawkins.

There was even more drama in the Crate Racin’ USA’s Street Stock Division as Tally Warrick came late to the track but ended making up for lost time.

Warrick started at the tail end of the field and by lap nine had worked his way up to third in the 13-car feature.

On the restart Warrick drove around the leader and never looked back as he rumbled around the three-eighths mile dirt track for the win.

Rounding out the top five were Michael Sheasby, Austin Moye, Jeremy Eaton, and John Cody.

Jerry Venable looked to be unbeatable in the vintage feature. He was leading and dominating the entire night until lap 14 when he spun and collected the second play car of JD Fuqua.

With both drivers having to take up the rear of the field, Kraig Crossley, who was involved in a three-car mishap six laps earlier, was the new leader and never looked back.

Rounding out the top five were Fuqua, Caden White, Venable, and Kristen Rast.

The open wheel modifies had trouble getting started but when it finally got underway it was Ryan Fowler running away with the show.

No one was close to the local track champion as Chase Holland, Greg Hopkins, Cayden Mitchell, and Tucker Byrd rounded out the top five as the checkered flag flew.

The pure stock feature saw Jay Coleman and Josh Howell put on a power display at the start, but both drivers realized you cannot win on the first lap you have to be there on lap 20.

Jason McDaniel took control of the feature by the midpoint of the race and powered his way to the win followed by Lane Heaton, Coleman, Wyatt Parker, and Dillon Ussery,

Brandin Sidner had a fast car and had to prove it after being put back a row after jumping the start.

Even though he was put back, Sidner made short work of the field and led flag to flag for 20 laps.

Steven Hill finished second followed by Eddie Queysen, Tanner Parmer, and William Godwin rounding out the top five.

Southern Raceway is working on getting ready for their next race in accordance with the COVID-19 polices in Florida, which will be announced on their Facebook page @southernraceway.

Southern Raceway

May 2, 2020

Pure Stock

Heat 1 – 1. Jay Coleman, 2. Daryl Robinson, 3. Dillon Ussery, 4. Wesley Mabrie, and 5. Jazon Utterback.

Heat 2 – 1. Josh Howell, 2. Kevin Bell, 3. Wyatt Parker, 4. Link Powell, and 5. Owen Barnhill.

Heat 3 – 1. Lane Heaton, 2. Sydney Kitchen, 3. Josh Mathis, 4. Mallory Gibson, and 5. Dallas Listvan.

Heat 4 – 1. Jason McDaniel, 2. Henry Bailey, 3. Dustin Boothe, 4. Bubba Fletcher, and 5. George Thompson.


Heat 1 – 1. Jerry Venable, 2. Brittany Feith, 3. Jeremy Fuqua, 4. Chris Brown, and 5. Kraig Crossley.

Heat 2 – 1. JD Fuqua, 2. Caden White, 3. Chris Gibson, 4. Aleck Alford, and 5. Kristin Rast.

Crate Racing USA Street Stocks

Heat 1 – 1. Brian Hansford, 2. John Cody, 3. Blake Salakas, 4. Tommy Lowery, and 5. Austin Moye.

Heat 2 – 1. Jeremy Eaton, 2. Michael Sheasby, 3. Michael Porter, 4. Huck Gibson, and 5. James Ward.

604 Crate Late Model Qualifying

1. Bo Slay 15.330 seconds, 2. Mike Lane 15.383, 3. Johnathon Joiner 15.401, 4. Cody Smith 15.440, 5. Stephen Jernigan 15.487, 6. Jason Jarrell 15.578, 7. DG Hawkins 15.667, 8. Chris Reid 15.713, 9. Bud Thompson 15.791, 10. Brantley Stephen 15.802.

604 Crate Late Model

B-Main 1 – 1. Justin McCree, 2. Pace Cameron, 3. Jack Daughtry, 4. John Joiner, and 5. Arlis Holeman.

B-Main 2 – 1. Kyle Bryant, 2. Jesse Enterkin, 3. Jim Gray, 4. John Bryant, and 5. Ricky Gilmore.

Open-Wheel Modified

Heat 1 – Jade Luzenberg, 2. Tucker Byrd, 3. Matt Chavers, 4. Greg Hopkins, and 5. Cayden Mitchell.

Heat 2 – 1. Ryan Fowler, 2. Robo Hutchinson, 3. Todd Jones, 4. Kenny Parker, and 5. Chane Rathel.

Heat 3 – 1. Joe Phillips, 2. Chase Holland, 3. Lucas Morris, 4. James Roete, and 5. Johnny Kegg.


Heat 1 – Charles Simmons, 2. Thomas Owens, 3. Blake Johnen, 4. Johnny Farmer, and 5. TJ Hennis.

Heat 2 – 1. Brandin Sidner, 2. Steven Hill, 3. William Godwin, 4. Eddie Queysen, and 5. Jeremey Fowler.

Heat 3 – 1. Sean Gunter, 2. Jason Philyaw, 3. Tyler Cofield, 4. Jeremy Fowler, and 5. Dee Alford.