LETTER: Actions speak louder than words

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa's Press Gazette

This is a reminder to all voters of what happens when an amateur is elected President of the United States.

When Bush left office after 8 years, we were in a deep recession and unemployment was at 10%. This is what Obama inherited. After 8 years of Obama, we had a robust economy and an unemployment rate of 4.1%, this is what Trump inherited.

The first 3 years of this administration was a complete disaster for our foreign policy. Trump’s dealings with North Korea has resulted in them testing more and long range missiles. His dealings with IRAN has resulted with IRAN enriching more n Uranium . His dealings with CHINA has resulted wit CHINA getting the best of him in trade.

The crisis came and he ignored warnings by WHO. In January after the first death by coronavirus , he assigned the V.P. to form a coronavirus Task Force, and he went golfing.

Wonderful, wonderful President! By all mean, vote for him again.

Floyd Pollaski, USN RET, Cantonment

I would like to respond to Floyd Polanski’s letter, “Actions speak louder than words.” About the only thing he got correct was his last sentence - Wonderful, wonderful President! By all means, vote for him again.

It’s people like Floyd Polanski that are too blind and/or ignorant to see the real truth and facts that Trump is completely responsible for our economy, lack of unemployment, strong stock market, immigration and controlling the foreign countries that have taken advantage of the USA for years, especially the weak and poor excuse as a President named Obama!

I think Floyd has been retired a little too long to understand the awesome achievements of President Trump as he has turned around this great nation and pulled it out from what Obama and Sleepy Joe did to ruin it. Maybe (Trump’s detractors) should pull their heads out of the sand and wake up and see what is really going on.

Besides, as he stated, vote for him again, (as I will), and we will are going to enjoy four more years of even more achievements as the House and Senate will belong to the real Americans again.

Go Trump and go Republicans!

Gary Liddell, USMC RET, Holt