LETTER: Pandemic in perspective

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa's Press Gazette

The big picture shows the disbelief, frustration, fear, hopelessness, and immobilization occurring in American society. It shows the financial squeeze, the emotional squeeze, the helplessness to ‘do anything’ to stop this wave of viral movement.

We focus on social distancing, face masks, washing hands, staying home, trying to figure out how to ‘fill time’ until this enemy passes.

Of course, Christians can pray that God will use this for His purpose and show us what His purpose is.

Bible readers might look at this crisis this way! As government gives guidelines to affect our physical behavior, the religious leaders are giving guidelines to affect our mental behavior by encouraging prayer and meditation so that hope continues to prevail and thoughts of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and suicide are kept at a distance.

This two-pronged approach of affecting your behavior is consistent with the end time merger of the One Government Rule and the Unification of all religions to seek World Peace. This is when the Mark of the Beast emerges and the non-followers of the Beast (a Satanic power, by the way) cannot buy food and are also persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Well, yes, you are currently only feeling a small ‘rationing of food’ and you are not being persecuted. Why? My thinking is that this is a practice run. As you are temporarily immobilized and not working you are seeing the need for certain things.

You see the need for more love, more mercy, the need to help others, and the consoling of those losing loved ones. Some parents are meeting their children more often without school.

People are concerned about neighbors, parents and friends, reassuring everyone, checking on them, more phone calls, more e-mails reach your Christian (or human) heartstrings.

It’s a time to stop and reflect. It’s like Jesus Christ is giving you a ‘time out’ from the rat race and the emerging non-Christian society. It’s like He is giving you one more chance, or even one last chance, to find Him. Take advantage of it!

So, don’t forget to look at the bigger picture while you are enduring this current pandemic crisis. Many people have died who thought they would be raptured out by now, but I don’t think this is the real thing yet.

Some end time prophecies have not yet emerged.

Jim Moore, Pace