LETTER: Carbon dioxide not the problem

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa's Press Gazette

We brought back moon rocks from the moon to measure the moon's atmosphere as the moon cooled and solidified capturing atmospheric samples.

This technique was used thirty years earlier finding that earth's rocks contained 20% to 21% carbon dioxide being 50 to 52 times more, and virtually no oxygen being 50 to 52 times less, of today's atmosphere.

During this time the earth, and its atmosphere, cooled allowing massive worldwide plant life coverage which converted carbon dioxide to oxygen through plant photosynthesis allowing later animal and human life.

Typical arid deserts existed long before the industrial age but not before modern man as described by the Bible's words with the Garden of Eden being the cradle of modern human life in the now desert of the Middle East.

Am I a climate denier? Obviously not! The deserts formed when carbon dioxide was at its lowest levels. Am I a denier that carbon dioxide is a green house gas? Obviously so because the reality is the earth, and its atmosphere, cooled when at its highest level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere!

The historical reality of scientific facts vs. the democrat paid for unproven science fiction theory of carbon dioxide for a hundred trillion dollar "Green New Deal" political scam to control our power grids as they do many of our informational media outlets and colleges!

Steven King, Milton

I don’t always agree with the substance of Del Stone’s columns but I take my hat off to his “Eulogy to his Washing Machine.”

It really does take creative genius to come up with some of the stories he writes. The Davis household hopes you secure a new machine that will endure for another 30 years.

Bob Davis, Shalimar