Trump - Now a caged lion

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Dear editor,

There should be no surprise that the President is relentlessly pacing back and forth and dramatically flaring out on a daily basis with astonishing announcements. This is the natural behavior of a caged lion.

The midterms awakened the President to the fact that America’s democracy is a bigger opponent, than all of his other opponents have been.  Democracy held strong in telling him that there needs to be a leash on his autocratic behavior and frontal attacks on the Democratic institutions of law. He was forced to accept a ‘blue wave’ even though he dictated a ‘red wave’.  He realized that he had to start kissing up to Nancy Pelosi and has. She is all of a sudden so wonderful (now that she controls part of his future) whereas she was less than a slime ball up to the November elections. I feel sorry for his disillusioned base who have to wave in the breeze to accept his back and forth rhetoric and now should embrace Nancy Pelosi. I applaud any Republicans who held their breath and voted to temporarily endorse American democracy, while they search their ranks for more sane candidates.

Until the next Congress seats in January, the President has the freedom to rant and rave for this 60 day window.  Notice the rants since the election include:  siding with the Saudi’s, blasting the Chief Justice of the Supreme court, pulling back our military troops from the stunt Mexican border war, blaming California’s forestry mis-management for the greatest wildfire in California history instead of sympathizing more with victims, and his behavior included not attending a veterans day memorial. All this since the election (two weeks). I can only say, "Hang on to your seats for the remaining nine weeks."

Finally, you should stop trying to analyze why Trump cuddles up with Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and the Saudi Royalty. For Trump, the US Presidency is only a stepping stone into his future.  After the Presidency, he will seek a renewed Real Estate empire.  He has already told Kim Jong Un how wonderful the landscape could be with investments in resorts on the North Korean coast.  No, Donald is no dummy. He is properly planning for his future.  But for now, in America, he is just a caged lion.



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