Merry Christmas

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Dear editor,

With the holidays, we can say "Happy Thanksgiving" as we all give thanks for all we have in our lives, and not question what is missing in our lives. We are now allowed, and appropriately so, to say  "Merry Christmas" again without being attacked in public. Yet there is always someone who hates the evolved idea of Santa Claus, Christmas, and religion. The world's history of Christmas and Santa Claus evolved in many different ways, from good deeds done to a bad deed being corrected regarding Russia's religious holiday which may have lead to our tradition of stuffing stocking.

The idea of giving gifts to children came from the wise men's gifts given to the baby Jesus with an elusive Santa Claus now standing in as the wise men. Society has included a young child's (ages 2 to 7 and may vary) behavior as a sort of prerequisite for getting gifts but are rarely held to that because they are children deserving the love of parents as Jesus was at his birth. That is why we discipline our children at the proper moment of their misbehavior.

At some point in our children's lives, they realize, on their own, that Santa was never real, but those joyous childhood memories of Christmastime remain into adulthood. But do we celebrate Christ-mas-time in the proper manner, to celebrate our recognized birthday of Jesus? We give gifts but do we give the ultimate gift of the actual history of Jesus to our children when they become old enough to understand his life's story? How can you justify your first action of giving gifts without ever offering the real message of why?

Christ's Bible teaches history, faith, religion, and that of morality also listed in the Ten Commandments. Government teaches very little on these topics and nothing regarding common sense established morality which stabilizes any society. So during our celebration of (Christmastime), ask yourself, do you also owe your children the history of Jesus Christ that they are probably missing? What is your fear for them by not doing so? 



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