Illegal immigrants will sway votes Democrat

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Dear editor,

It is historically known that the southern states suppressed the vote, but history shows it was Democrats of the old south that suppressed the vote by limiting the black Republican vote.

If denying people the right to vote is no longer a viable tactic to alter the results, the tactic must change.

Welcome to Democrats stuffing the ballot box. Google "more voters than residents" or "more voters than registered voters" and many current examples will appear of Democrat ballot box manipulation.

With the onslaught of voting machines, have you ever heard of Democrat votes flipping to Republican? What about Republican votes flipping to Democrat? Again, Google it. I haven't but I am sure it is there; just call it blind faith.

Was the 2016 Democrat primary regarding  Hillary (D) and  Bernie Sanders (I) fair? A third of the Democrat party didn't think it was and either didn't vote or voted Republican in the presidential election.

Democrats support illegal immigration and open borders especially on the leftist coast with sanctuary cities. They say these illegal immigrants are only looking for a better life with a job, yet they are being allowed to vote on local issues and maybe more, a stuffing of the ballot box against the constitutional guarantee of a Republic form of government for these states.

There is an argument over the 2020 U.S. Census regarding the inclusion of a citizenship check box. Without it, these illegal immigrants can only be counted as legal citizens which increases the left coast's population.

Our census is what determines the numbers of electoral votes based on population assigned to each state for the purpose of our presidential elections. An intended blue wave of illegal immigrants overthrow of government through the ballot box! This is just more of the same to manipulate our elections for a power-hungry political party that truly doesn't care for "We the People" within the U.S.A.!



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