LETTER: Honoring black patriots

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Dear editor,

Meditating on the true meaning of Memorial Day, not on planned activities, I was delighted with your mini-page educating us about “American Black Patriots.” They fought in the Revolutionary War. Two of them were from New England, my birthplace. The bios of Salem Poor, Crispus Attucks, James Armistead, and the Black Regiment blessed me.

Armistead went back to being a slave. He had been instrumental in helping Washington and Lafayette defeat the British at Yorktown in 1781.

Lafayette found out about Armistead. His letter to Virginia’s General Assembly resulted in Armistead’s emancipation, Hallelujah! Eighty-eight slaves enlisted in Rhode Island’s Black Regiment because not enough men would sign up.

God bless Rotary Clubs, supporters of mini-page.

Lest we forget, thank God for black men and women serving today, especially those in harm’s way! Many deserving achieved high ranks in all services.

While administrative sssistant to a U.S. Army general in Greece, I encountered some black Americans as well as in Turkey earlier.

Dr. Holley (Air Force) and I met in Greece. Brought to Milton, I’ve learned to love it. In 1959 I couldn’t find it on a map. It wasn’t there.

We have an amazing Veteran’s Memorial Plaza downtown! May we never forget the sacrifice of some, the service for all.

Lee Greenwood recently closed his concert with a tribute to the military and veterans. While they all stood, many of us with tear-filled eyes, sang “I’m proud to be an American.” What an experience! I found out he is involved in building houses for military personnel.

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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