LETTER: On reducing gun massacres

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Dear editor, 

Are you getting tired of the blame game on gun violence?  Is it the guns that kill people? Is it the people who kill people? Is it the mentally ill subset of people who kill people? Is it the NRA’s lust for money that kills people or, is it politicians who are silenced by NRA support who become frozen for fear of not being re-elected that kills people?

In reality, it’s none of the above.  What?  Yes, that’s right.  It’s bullets that kill people.  What a revelation.

So, let’s control the bullets. Yes, buy all the guns you want, if you pass the screenings which should be set up.  There, the right to bear arms is solved.

My idea on the screenings would include, no assault weapons for anyone under 21, no assault weapons for anyone living under parents, guardians, or responsible people regardless of age.  Then, anyone who wants bullets for the guns they properly buy has to go to a central building in every town to get further screened to buy the bullets. 

Data on who buys bullets and how many would be recorded.  Bullets could be sold by private enterprises or the government but would have to report results to the government.  But, we’d know who has the bullets.

Bullet manufacturers would have to keep logs of bullets sold to these thousands of ‘bullet outlets’, as well as bullets sold outside the USA. These would all be reportable to the government. But, we’d know who has the bullets.

So, if we’re thinking outside of the box, then let’s keep the bullets in the box and trackable, because bullets kill.

Many lives might be saved, right?



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