Thoughts on freedom of speech

Staff Writer
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Dear editor,

Why do we as a society allow freedom of speech? Because nothing is ever stupid until it is said, and if it can never be said, how does anyone ever determine if it is stupid?

Once it is said, it falls to society to determine the validity of those words that have been offered to society. Some of society will correct what has been incorrectly stated by offering a rebuttal, [that] being an opposing argument or view. It is the facts offered within these rebuttals with which society will make its decision.

Others in society who have no rebuttal will oppose it in a different manner.

Freedom of speech is every person's right; freedom of insult or personal attack is not, and is not allowed on many websites within their forums.

The definition of "debate," as a noun, is "a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward."

In this definition, there are a few particular words in which to pay attention to, with the first being "particular topic," not an off-topic personal insult or attack. The second is "opposing arguments" — a personal insult or attack is also not an opposing argument.

This is why there are rules for some websites — to ensure a proper result and product, which ultimately betters the knowledge of society, allowing it to make a better-informed decision! 



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