LETTER: When is it enough?

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Northwest Florida Daily News
Northwest Florida Daily News

What does it take to accept that President Trump lacks the character, the honesty, and the intelligence required of a president?

Numerous military leaders are speaking out against Trump’s attempt to use the military as political pawns, reminding us the military can only survive by remaining apolitical.

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Many flag officers are also stating Trump doesn’t have the character and intelligence required of our national leader. They are not political; they’re not never-Trumpers; a number served in his administration. They are speaking out to protect our military from being misused by this president.

Those speaking out are five former joint chiefs of staff: Gen John Kelly, Gen Martin Dempsey, Admiral Mike Mullen, Gen Richard Myers, Gen Collin Powell. And 39 flag officers.

Trump used “bone spurs” to evade the draft in order to stay out of the Vietnam War. He seems to be walking just fine now. Bone spurs don’t just go away; a doctor has to grind them off.

For all my fellow Vietnam vets, please explain to me how you can vote for an acknowledged draft dodger.

Denny Lauer, CDR USN (Ret), Shalimar