LETTER: Time to re-arm America

Staff Writer
Northwest Florida Daily News
Northwest Florida Daily News

I will start out with Charles Whitman, who back in 1966 was on the Texas A&M University tower when he fired with a rifle down into the crowd of college students, but because there were virtually no gun laws in that time and everyone carried weapons, the students were able to fire back, stopping him from firing down.

It allowed the police to get there and come up the stairs into the tower and kill him. He did kill 17 but the death toll could have been far worse.

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Forty-one years later there was the Virginia Tech shooting where Seung-Hui Cho shot dead 33 people. No one could carry guns to protect themselves. The shooter killed himself. The number got that large because guns were taken out of everyone’s hands.

This person had mental health problems. This person should not have been able to buy guns. All of our laws that were put into place since the 1990s had failed again. It’s not just that one, but so many times criminals never obey the laws and they will always get guns either by stealing them or buying them from other criminals who stole them.

The gun laws have only served to disarm the law-abiding and turn them into victims for criminals to murder and steal from.

It’s time now to remove these destroying gun laws, rearm the Americans who obey the laws and let them live in peace and safety. Make America great again

Adam Allen Jr., Laurel Hill