Sheriff's office shares crime awarness tool

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Pictured is a screen capture of the main paige of [Kevin Boyer/SPRG]

MILTON — For residents thinking about moving to a new home, or those who just want to know about crime in their area, there is a free website available. allows visitors to enter an address and see information on crime incidents that have occurred in the surrounding area.  

According to Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office public information officer Sergeant Rich Aloy, several law enforcement agencies use this website, including Santa Rosa County. Aloy said the information pertaining to Santa Rosa crime comes from the SRSO database and receives regular updates.

“The only information that would not be on there would any information on active investigations,” Aloy said.

Aloy said the website is a wonderful service and works with the “nextdoor” app, another tool the SRSO advocates in letting the public know what is going on in the county.

“People will call me and ask where a safe place to move in the county is and I recommend this site,” Aloy said. “It is something Sheriff Johnson wants the public to know is available.”

There are additional tools beyond looking up crime reports, Aloy said.

“You can create alerts and if you have cameras at your house, you can register them on the website at different levels based on your level of comfort,” he said.

The site is paid for out of the SRSO budget for the use of the citizens.

In addition to the SRSO advocating for the website, Joy Brown, owner and broker of Santa Rosa Realty also said while the company itself does not use it, she highly encourages her clients to do so. Her company also manages property and she said she thinks it’s a good tool for home owners and residents.