New power meters proposed

Kevin Boyer | 623-2120 | @Kboyersrpg |
Gulf Power project manager EJ Gomes present a proposed imporvent to the meter reading system at the council meeting on May 18. [KEVIN BOYER | Press Gazette]

MILTON — The city of Milton could be going to be getting an upgrade in their meter reading systems, thanks to a newly designed system. The council will continue discussing it at the June executive meeting.  

Currently the city uses a system of automatic meter reading (AMR), a technology that automatically collects consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meter or energy metering devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting and analyzing.

E. J. Gomes, Gulf Power project manager made a presentation to the city council May 17 outlining the benefits of the new system, called advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), as well as provided an estimated timeline for its implementation.

“We can have it out fairly quickly,” Gomes said. “We have a wide area that we can cover with this new system.”

The new system can go beyond what the old system could in collecting data in remote utility management according to Gomes.  If approved, Gulf Power could get the system operational within the next few months he said.

City planner Randy Jorgensen said the main benefit to enhancing this program is that it will help make the system as efficient as possible.