Heritage Museum offers timber, blacksmithing classes

News Bulletin contributor
Dave Sandlin will teach blacksmithing at the Heritage Museum [Special to the News Bulletin]

VALPARAISO — The Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida is now offering "Intro to Timber Framing" and "Intro to Blacksmithing" as part of its Heritage Alive! Craft Class Series.

Intro to Timber Framing takes place at 10 a.m. March 17 at a cost of $95.

Intro to Blacksmithing takes place at 10 a.m. March 10 at a cost of $60.

In "Intro to Timber Framing," students will gain an understanding about the timber framing process and build a sawhorse, a robust and practical tool, that can be used for your next timber framing project. Space is limited.

"Intro to Blacksmithing," with Master Craftsman, Dave Sandlin at the Heritage Museum allows students to learn bending and shaping steel. Students will learn the basic skills of the blacksmith including safety, tools and equipment, and the skills for drawing out, upsetting, hot-cutting, bending and punching. Space is limited to the first four registrants.

Call 678-2615 to register.

The Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida & Perrine Park is located at 115 Westview Avenue in Valparaiso.