Panhandle Community Theatre presents 'Crazy Love'

Alicia Adams

PACE — The curtain closes soon for Panhandle Community Theatre's production of Mark Harvey Levine’s “Crazy Love." 

The play, which opened Feb. 8 and ends Feb. 14, is a series of eight short romantic comedies directed by Bonnie Marks and Ken Armitage. 

“I think it helps ensure that there’s going to be something for everyone,” actress Jamie Jones said of the different stories featured. 

"Scripted" involves a couple who wake up to find the script of a play that turns out to be the one the audience is watching.

In "The Rental," Sonya receives a birthday present — a rented boyfriend who is the perfect man for her, but is only around for a day. 

"The Prodigal Cow" tells a familiar story from a slightly more bovine point of view, according to the theatre group’s website. 

In "Superhero," two lonely neighbors find different ways of coping with fear.

In "The Kiss," Dennis asks his best friend, Allison, to judge his kissing skills. 

Jennifer hopes Matthew is her prince in "Charming."

Scott has the ability to pick up coins in a fountain and read people's wishes in "Wishes."

In "Up On The Roof," Jason is looking for a sign from God, and Carrie is looking for a little help with the dishes.

The cast includes Michelle Barlow, Rubi Carrero, Meghan Crowell, Jennifer Emerson, Haleigh Good, Kristen Jernigan, Jamie Jones, Paul Logsdon, Leliana Moon and Zachary Reinhart. 

The crew includes stage manager Jerry Valanzano; assistant stage manager Mary Jane Dunlop; sound and lighting design technician Dean Emerson; Janet Longton overseeing costumes; Nancy Sabol over set and props; Dave Cook in charge of publicity; photographer and videographer Sylvia Love, who also designed the window display and was in charge of reservations; and Jennifer Emerson, who designed the playbill and the poster. 

The final performance of “Crazy Love” is on Valentine’s Day, with hors d’oeuvres served at 6 p.m. and the play starting at 7:30 p.m. The cost is $30 for tickets and food.