Milton High's Cam Shelton signs with Delta State

Milton High wide receiver Cam Shelton has accepted a scholarship to play football for Delta State University in Cleveland, Miss. From left are Shelton's 16-year-old brother Caleb, his father Donald and his mother Stephanie. [AARON LITTLE | Press Gazette]

MILTON — Cam Shelton, wide receiver for the Milton High School Panthers football team, has signed with Delta State in Cleveland, Miss.

Shelton, this past season’s MVP, said he’s looking forward to the change.

"I will say I will miss my family and my friends here but I am still excited to leave," he said.

He wants to see how far football will take him, but he does plan to finish his education with a degree in business, he said.

Milton football coach Harry Lees took the opportunity to address younger athletes in the crowd during Shelton’s Feb. 7 signing in the auditorium.

"For younger players out there you need to take note," Lees said. "Cam took care of his grades and that's the reason that he's up here. I stress to you you've got to take care of the classroom first. He's done a great job. He's overcome a lot. Cam’s a great guy and we're really looking forward to what he's going to do at Delta State."

So how far away is Delta State?