LETTER: Social distancing, yes. Within bounds of reason, absolutely!

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The editorial of April 23, from The Palm Beach Post, cites a recent poll stating that 82 percent of Americans favor continuing social distancing to combat the spread of coronavirus. Those respondents likely were thinking of measures that are sensible and effective, but many lockdown dictates are not.

For example, the writer mentions being deprived of a walk in a park. Why? One can easily walk through a park alone or with family while distancing from others. Still, this is prohibited in certain locales.

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In Michigan, the governor has forbidden motor boating, ostensibly because boat ramps were crowded. People at boat ramps stay with their own vehicles and boats, safely distanced from others. The same governor allows certain stores to remain open, but forbids the purchase of certain items that she deems unnecessary. Is the governor merely scratching an authoritarian itch? Fortunately Gov. DeSantis has shown no such compulsion.

In some cities, police are stopping drivers to determine if their travel is “necessary.” There is zero chance of spreading a virus by driving, unless one has to stop and lower a window to talk to a police officer.

The writer describes protesters of these and other foolish restrictions as “cracking.” Perhaps those who are abandoning reason due to fear are the ones who have cracked.

Kevin Hynes, Fort Walton Beach