A HOPE Inc. begins Project Hallelujah in Milton

Special to Gannett
The two tiny kittens are Small Business Saturday and Shopper. They are lucky because they were found just in time. Both were so sick that they would have passed in another day. Now they are happy, healthy and on their way to a new life!

A HOPE Inc. has recently become aware of a dire cat overpopulating situation within our community and has made the decision to step in and help.

This will be done through a process called Targeted TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). The project has been named “Project Hallelujah." The Project Hallelujah cats are so overpopulated that each new litter is sick and/or dying.

The cat breeding has gotten out of control, creating illnesses from lack of resources and inbreeding. The caregivers of these cats love them and have done their best to care for them. They have also worked hard to use TNR but are struggling to keep up with the births and continued pregnancies.

They have been fighting a losing battle.

One of the reasons A HOPE exists is to educate and empower caring people to be the change that they want to see in their community.

The Project Hallelujah caregivers have tried, and continue to try, to keep this group of cats under control, but they need help. This is where we reach out to our community and ask for your help to fix, treat, and vaccinate all the cats in this area. We will then return them to their outdoor home with caregivers who will continue to provide for them, but without the out-of-control breeding, unhealthy cats, and future tragic deaths.

We do this to empower the people who care and be effective caregivers going forward.

Humane trapping began Dec. 13 and ran through Dec. 19. There are over 70 cats and kittens related to this project. All trapped cats were spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies, dewormed, treated for ear mites and fleas, and put on heartworm prevention prior to being ear tipped (the universal sign of an altered, vaccinated, and cared for outdoor cat.

On average, the cost of each cat/kitten will be $84, depending on their individual needs. Please consider donating to this project either monetarily, by going to ahope4src.com/hopesheroes and writing “Project Hallelujah” in the notes section, or with food/litter. Food/litter can be sent to 5755 Washington Street, Milton, FL 32570.

This is a “Hallelujah” because it is a blessing to the cats and the caregivers.

We have now trapped 70 cats and kittens. Once fully vetted, some will be returned, others are up for adoption as “barn cats”, and the kittens have been put in foster homes and will be adopted into loving homes.

If you think you have lost a pet in the Pace area or are interested in adopting a barn cat, please visit www.ahope4scr.com/ph2021.

A HOPE is in the process of building an affordable spay/neuter clinic in Milton on Pine Blossom Road. Once it is completed, many more people can be helped with the overpopulation of cats in their neighborhood. For more information on the clinic, please visit ahope4src.com/cliniccomingsoon.