New Bridge and Berry Consignment owner involves her children

By Jody Conrad | Special to the Press Gazette

When your mama raises you on garage sales, you learn a thing or two that carries with you into adulthood. 

Keke Houston honed her entrepreneurial spirit helping her mother set up for garage sales. Today she owns her own business, The Bridge and Berry Consignment shop on Dogwood Drive.

Owner Keke Houston (right) assists a customer at The Bridge and Berry Consignment.

“I never thought I’d own my own business; my job before this was working from home doing online banking for P&C Bank,” Houston said, “but my mom rubbed off on me. She had garage sales, she opened her own baby resale clothing store when I was growing up in Pensacola, and she still sells Avon, quite successfully, I might add!”

And it is that spirit that led Houston to take ownership of the consignment shop last month, formerly operated by Brein O’Brein and his wife Elena.

The Bridge and Berry Consignment shop owner Keke Houston's children C'Dajia, C'Davion, and Cayden help in the store.

“My mother set an example of hard work for me, and that is what I want for my children,” she said.

Since her children took part in the online school option, Houston was able to bring them with her to the shop and teach her children the same thing that her mother taught her: hard work pays off.

The Bridge and Berry Consignment shop owner Keke Houston shows daughter C'Dajia how to ring up sales.

“I’m teaching my children life skills, and setting an example for them,” Houston said. “I have four children still at home, and they enjoy helping out here in the store. Even if my business doesn’t work out, all of us have learned skills that will take us on to life’s next adventure.

“I love that this is a consignment shop,“ she added. “Not only do I not have to invest capital by purchasing merchandise, but my customers bring the merchandise to me! And when I need new merchandise, I just put out a message on Facebook Live and the items come pouring in!”

Keke Houston accepts consignments from a customer.

Houston isn’t the only one in the family who started their own business when they moved to Milton from Pensacola three years ago.

“My husband had 20 years of concrete experience, and he loves what he does," she said. "So he started his own business here called Sapphire Concrete. They install foundations, patios, decks, driveways, and well, if it has to do with concrete, he can do it.”