'The next evolution beyond talk radio'

By Jody Conrad | Special to the Press Gazette

When it comes to trailblazers in the broadcasting realm, local personality Greg Penglis stands out.

He made broadcast history by creating "Action Radio" in 2014.

Greg Penglis talks to his audience during a recent episode of his "Action Radio" show.

“’Action Radio’ is the next evolution beyond talk radio,” he said. “It is a completely interactive and interconnected system of listeners, expert guests, research, social media, the callers, a bill writing website, submitting bills to legislators, lobbying our bills, and talking about it all on the show.

“I created ‘Action Radio,’ ” Penglis added. “My followers and I are the world’s first ‘citizen legislation’ organization in America. We don’t just talk about issues, we offer viable legislative solutions.” 

Greg Penglis does an episode of his "Action Radio" show discussing the Second Amendment.

Penglis began his local career with WEBY. Concerned about the direction he saw the nation heading, he decided to host what he called the first ever "action radio” show and invite his listeners to join him on air and pen what he called “Congress-ready legislation.”

It all began one 4th of July when Penglis read the Declaration of Independence on air. What he did next took talk radio to a new level.

“The next day I invited my audience to work with me writing a bill," Penglis said. "This particular bill mandated that only U.S. citizens be counted in the 2020 census.

Greg Penglis attended the Arise USA! Tour event in Milton to explain his "Action Radio" concept to attendees.

"We wrote the bill on air, posted it on the public website for comments, then sent it to Matt Gaetz," he added. "A few days later Gaetz responded, gave his stamp of approval, and submitted our bill to Congress.”

Since then Penglis launched his own action radio site and has submitted several bills.  Examples include a bill requiring full product liability on vaccine manufacturers, another allowing the President and Congress, in addition to the FDA, to issue Emergency Use Authorizations of medical procedures under a Declaration of Emergency, and one which amends Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act ending Big Tech censorship.

“There is nothing that prohibits private citizens from suggesting legislation to their elected officials,” he said. “Since ‘we the people’ aren’t’ beholden to sponsors or big donors, we have the freedom to suggest laws reflecting what we want. So many are feeling helpless right now, and I want them to know there is something they can do.”

Greg Penglis plays the guitar during his WEBY radio days.

Penglis’ show has been heard in over 70 countries. It can be accessed live online at BlogTalkRadio.com/citizenaction from 7 to 9 a.m. weekday mornings, with podcasts available anytime.

The citizen bill writing website is available at www.WriteYourLaws.com.