Resurrection Tour passes through Milton

By Jody Conrad | Special to the Press Gazette

Local businessman Dennis Pate is an activist who is concerned about the direction America is heading. 

To that end, his organization called Santa Rosa Volunteers contacted the Arise USA! Resurrection Tour and convinced them to make a stop in Milton. Then he organized a festival around the event, which included vendors and performances by local musicians.

Arise tour organizer  Robert David Steele addresses the crowd in Milton.

The entourage of Arise tour buses landed in Milton on May 23 and multiple speakers enthralled the hundreds who gather at Riverfront Park.

“Our goal is to educate this community on our constitutional rights and get folks involved with our city council, county commissioners, and school board," Pate said. "We also want to connect people with each other to form support networks.

Human Rights attorney Leigh Dundas speaks about totalitarian on the stage of the Arise USA! Resurrection Tour.

“You’ve got to know your neighbors and learn to trust each other," he added.

Arise USA! Resurrection Tour is a national organization founded by former CIA agent Robert David Steele.

Steele has long been an advocate for "Constitutional Counties," where local residents hold their elected officials accountable.

The Arise USA Tour buses recently arrived in Milton

“What we need right now is a push-back against federal, state, and local officials who betray those who elected them,” Steele said in his opening remarks. “We need Americans to insist that they be told the truth, because truth is missing from our U.S. government, our media, our churches, and our schools."

Local resident Denise Beckham has answered this call and organized a group known as Convention of States Action. Those interested in participating can contact

Arise USA! featured several nationally known speakers at the Milton event.

Dennis Pate's Santa Rosa Volunteers organization helped bring the event to Milton.

Leigh Dundas, a human rights attorney, activist, and speaker, spoke on the stages of a totalitarian takeover.

“Step One is to create a crisis and whip society into a frenzy and away from logical thinking," she said. "I work with people world-wide who would give anything to have the freedoms that we Americans take for granted.”

Musician and artist Sacha Stone also addressed the crowd.

“There are billions of people world-wide who are watching right now to see what Americans will do about the unprecedented evils taking over,” Stone said. 

Organizer Dennis Pate believes that activism, combined with faith, family, and freedom, will restore America to the principals it was founded on.