A haircut and a history lesson: Milton's barbershops thrive while serving customers

By Jody Conrad | Special to the Press Gazette

One of the many businesses that seem to be falling by the wayside in many towns is the barbershop, but Milton is home to several that are thriving.

Jimmy Johnson has run his Milton barber shop for more than 50 years.

Jimmy Johnson’s Barber Shop is one such mom and pop shop. Located at 5701 N. Stewart Street, Johnson is more than a barber. He is a living collection of Milton history.

“My family has lived in this area for over 300 years,” Johnson said. “I myself grew up in the era of red brick roads and sawmills running on water and steam.”

Jimmy Johnson's Barber Shop is located at the intersection of James and Stewart.

Having attended barber college 53 years ago after finishing his service in the Air Force, Johnson returned to Milton and set out his shingle.

“A lot of my customers are military, flight students, cops, judges, and ROTC students from Pace and Milton,” Johnson said. “I also cut for folks on a fixed income, because they know I won’t take advantage of them.”

Doing business during COVID has been difficult for owners like Johnson.

“I’m here for my customers, but some days are slow," he said. "Sometimes it costs me out of pocket to keep my doors open, but things are slowly picking up.”

For $12, you can get a haircut and a most impressive history lesson on the city of Milton at Jimmy Johnson’s Barber Shop.

Floyd and Caridad Jones pose for a photo in front of their business.

A few blocks south of Jimmy’s shop is Putting Hair on the Floor @ The Network Barbershop, known as “The Network.” Owner Floyd Jones purchased the former Strugg’s Rugs building last spring and set up shop.

“I am a barber by ordination,” Jones said. “I told my fourth grade teacher that I wanted to be a barber, and God has held me to that.”

The Network Barbershop owner Floyd Jones poses for a photo inside his business.

Jones explained that he was reminded of his calling when, as a young military man, he repaired the hair of friend who had burned his head, and his sergeant recruited him to do the haircutting from that point on.

Jones relies on word of mouth advertising.

He has a young apprentice under his wing, Lyndsey Hunt, who is finishing her training at PSC and plans to do in-home services for the disabled and homebound. Jones' wife Caridad sells an impressive line of purses and accessories there. The Network Barbershop is located at 5627 Stewart St. and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.