A big heart becomes a big home

By Jody Conrad | Special to the Press Gazette

For Christians, when God calls you to do something, he gives you no rest until you do it.

Back in 2014, Sarah Ellis’ life revolved around her roles as wife, mother, and registered nurse. Then God let her know that she and her husband were to open an orphanage to care for children who were the most likely to fall through the cracks in the adoption and foster care systems.

Sarah Ellis poses in front of the photos of her "family."

So they did. They began by opening a thrift store and holding car washes and bake sales to generate the funds needed to purchase a site. And in 2018 the dream became a reality.

Today, My Father’s Arrows is a small town unto itself in the country near Jay. The Ellis’ operate their 30-plus child orphanage that includes a farm, gardens, a year-round school, and of course counseling services, all funded by generous private individuals.

“This is not a home for bad kids,” Sarah said. “This is a home for hurting children who struggle with attachment disorders caused by early childhood trauma.

An emotional farewell took place as one of Sarah's sons says goodbye to his little buddy.

“We bring stability to kids who were either in the foster care system repeatedly or in failed adoptive situations," she added. "They need structure and guidance 24/7, and a place to learn to trust and form loving relationships again. Many of our children have been betrayed repeatedly by the adults in their lives, and unwinding all of this takes time and patience.”

When Sara described the mission at My Father’s Arrows, one can clearly hear the love she has for each of her "children." 

This sign welcomes visitors as they drive up the My Father's Arrows entrance.

“We sent one of our ‘aged-out’ boys off to Navy this morning,” she said with tears in her eyes. “I am so proud of the strides he has made in his recovery, to the point that he is able to enter society and look forward to a fulfilling future.”

And that is the goal of My Father’s Arrows. The Ellises guide each child’s recovery so that they are ready for adoption or able to enter the world as confident, responsible young men and women.

All of the Ellises' children have their picture on the wall at My Father’s Arrows.

My Father’s Arrows turns children away daily, as their facility is full, and expansion funds are slim. Those wishing to assist this mission of healing are welcome to contact Sarah Ellis at 675-4403 or visit www.myfathersarrows.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities.