Fort Walton Beach Fire Department releases response times, number of calls for 2020

Special to Gannett

The Fort Walton Beach Fire Department recently released an assessment of how they served the city in 2020.

"The stress of 2020 has had a lasting effect on how we all live and do business. But, one thing has remained true. Our community relies heavily on the Fort Walton Beach Fire Department for emergency response and business-related services," a press release form the department said.

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In 2020, firefighters responded to more than 4,100 calls for service, kept up with training, found grant money for needed purchases and helped businesses get back on their feet. They assisted neighboring communities and made time to share with some of our residents in need.

2020 In Review

Fire Stations

5 Hollywood Blvd. NE Engine 6, Truck 6, Battalion 6

1968 Lewis Turner Blvd. Engine 7

Emergency Response

4,163 calls for assistance (11 calls/day)

4 min., 15 sec. response time

7,683 hours of training

Emergency medical care continued during the COVID-19 Pandemic


$628,406 Grants Secured: Safety and communications equipment, 6 new firefighters and new fire hose

Half-cent Sales Tax Use: New fire engine and cardiac monitors

Wildlife Deployments: Assisted neighboring Santa Rosa and Walton Counties with major wildfires

Fire Services Assessment: Added 6 new firefighters to staff the new fire engine and reinstituted the deputy fire chief position.

Giving Back: Adopted over 40 families and delivered Christmas gifts on Christmas Day.

The Fort Walton Beach Fire Department recently released an assessment of how they served the city in 2020.

Fire Prevention

440 new construction/renovation inspections

931 hours of new plan reviews for fire code compliance

752 annual inspections performed

12 fire prevention and safety social media campaigns

Assisted local schools and businesses with reopening plans to create safe environments amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Team

  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Admin. Coordinators
  • Fire Marshal
  • Captain Fire Inspector
  • 5 Battalion Chiefs
  • 9 Captains
  • 9 Driver/engineers
  • 18 firefighters
  • 16 Certified Firefighter/Paramedics
  • 26 Certified Firefighters/EMTs