Red lights, green lights, and Christmas lights: Who is in charge?

By Jody Conrad | Special to the Press Gazette

Christmas decorations, traffic lights, potholes, and trash pickup: what is the commonality?

They are all under the jurisdiction of Randy Hoyt, the city of Milton’s streets and sanitation department head.

Hoyt, a Louisianan native, is a natural for this position.

Randy Hoyt, the department head for Milton's streets and sanitation department, said he and his team love working for the city.

“I’m a hands-on, boots on the ground kind of guy,” he said.

His preparation for this position comes from 24 years at Whiting Field, where he was a jack of all trades.

“We do it all here in my department, too,” Hoyt said. “From raising the flags, to filling pot holes, to making sure your trash collection runs smoothly, you name it. 

“We also maintain not only the city’s fleet of over 100 vehicles, but the playground equipment at our parks," he added. "If the lines on the roads need re-painted, that’s us. If the storms drain need to be cleaned out, we do that too.”

Terry Copeland (from left), David Archer, Randy Hoyt and Steve Williams work for the city of Milton's street and sanitation department.

Hoyt oversees a crew of 14 in his department, and enjoys his partners.

“We’re like family here,” he said. “We enjoy our jobs, and we enjoy working for the city of Milton. We especially enjoy setting and cleaning up for all of the city’s festivals, like Fourth of July, the Christmas parade, and Bands on the Blackwater.”

Hoyt’s department also keeps the streets and sidewalks clean, and maintains the city’s 15 traffic lights.

“At every intersection traffic light, there’s a control box. The data in each box goes to the computer in my office, and if a power outage or a lighting strike occurs, I know immediately because it shows up on my phone,” Hoyt said. “Steve Williams is the supervisor for streets/facilities; he keeps on top of every issue that comes along.”

Hoyt’s department also oversees the trash collection services, which includes recycling, yard waste, and commercial dumpsters at businesses.

“We have side-arm trucks, which is almost unheard of for a town this size,” he said. “Terry Copeland, our sanitation supervisor, and David Archer, our mechanic supervisor, keep everything running smoothly in this area.

“We have a lot of responsibilities here, but our goal is to keep things run smoothly and under the radar,” he added.