PACE — With his family, friends, coaches and teammates surrounding him, Jeffery “J.C.” Peacher signed his letter of intent to play division I baseball at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.

“Ah, man we’re excited,” said his dad, Jeff Peacher, after the signing.

North Alabama and University of New Orleans were also interested in the speedy outfielder.

“I knew GSU was the place for me when I meet the players and the coaches,” J.C. said. “They were close, like family, and the coaches were very nice.”

His father said the two or three hunting and fishing trips he set up with GSU players during his short visits probably sealed the deal.

“I’m looking for good things from him this year,” said Patriots head coach Jason McBride. “He’s as confident as I’ve ever seen him.”

McBride said that Peacher’s future looks good at the next level.

“He’s the type of kid you enjoy coaching, He’s a winner and he will compete everyday,” Mcbride said.

Peacher comes from a family of standout athletes. His grandfather Ed Peacher, father Jeff Peacher, two uncles, Clay and Mike Peacher, and aunt Patti were all standout athletes in high school and college.

J.C.’s mom Holly Huges said his speed came from her. She was a cheerleader and softball star at Crestview High School.

J.C. may have received his best traits, compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness, from growing up with his mom and three older sisters.

“He was the baby of the family, and the girls would baby him all the time,” his dad said.

His dad said J.C. put things into perspective on the first baseball play of his life. J.C. was 4 years old and was on the pitchers mound for his T-ball team. The first ball was hit to the center field fence and there was a pile of kids trying to get the ball.

JC was at the bottom of the pile but could not reach the ball. He spotted some pretty yellow Dandelion flowers at the bottom of the fence. He picked one and took off running out the dugout gate with his dad screaming, “JC what are you doing? We got a game to play.”

J.C. ran to the grandstand and up the stairs to his mom, handing her the prized flower. He then turned and ran back to the mound. The fans from both sides were clapping for him.