Phil Gallmeier of Fort Walton Beach thinks syndicated columnist Ron Hart has left his morals at the door.

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Ron Hart’s “sense of humor” about the coronavirus (Sunday, April 19) has revealed his lack of empathy and talent.

To say “even if we lose 50,000 older and pretty sick Americans there are almost 330 million of us” is deplorable. How does he sleep at night “making a living” off people’s misery?

His making light of hospitals overreacting to this crisis is ignorant; they are preparing for the worst and if it doesn’t come? Then what have we lost? And if the worst does come? We have saved lives.

And to rail against government workers who are trying to save lives, albeit in fits and starts, goes against most Americans’ opinions, who are appreciative of the government workers who are fighting for a cure and are on the front line.

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Hart is mimicking many of the Trumpsters when he says that we are “killing” the economy and need to open it up. Yes, the economy is dying on the vine, but we as a nation can feed people who need food, landlords can forgive rent, and the banks can delay mortgage payments.

What we can’t forgive is misguided policy that will pull people out of their homes and produce a second wave of infections – we are not out of the woods yet. Just because infection rates are slowing doesn’t mean the coast is clear.

We can all come together to get this into control; oh, but Mr. Hart would label that socialism. So I know I’ll get blowback from the Trumpsters that I have no sense of humor but if you think it’s OK to make fun of losing 50K senior citizens then please check your morals at the door.

Phil Gallmeier, Fort Walton Beach