Ariel Jagielski of Crestview writes a touching address to the graduates of 2020.

I wish we had known when our "last" would be our last.

The last late-night trip after sports events. The last "hey" in the hallway. The last drive out of the parking lot.

I wish we hadn’t taken for granted the things that we thought we hated but now realize we’ll miss them with everything inside of us.

Although it’s not set in stone, the things we looked forward to our entire lives – walking across the stage, flipping the tassel to the other side and throwing our caps in the air – might be taken from us. The last time we would walk across the field with our friends, the last picture with some people we may never speak to again.

I hope we all find comfort and peace in these times. My heart goes out to those affected physically, but those who are also having their final memories of high school taken from them. Class of 2020 forever.

Ariel Jagielski, Crestview

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