Shahen Boghoussian of Sola Beach, California was watching the last Democratic debate and noticed bias on the part of the hosting network ... but not the kind of bias you would think.

While watching the last democratic debate hosted by CNN, I couldn't help asking myself who greenlit the questions.

Not once did Bernie Sanders receive a fair shake from the moderators; instead, the network took the debate as an opportunity to attack the presidential candidate. They implied he was sexist, suggested his campaign proposals would bankrupt the country, and equated him to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei for his non-interventionist views on foreign policy.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Media bias again

When conservatives and Trump supporters blast the mainstream media for biased coverage, they are only half right. The reality is that cable news outlets promote the establishment, and they have a vested interest in derailing political candidates who want to shake up the status quo (e.g. Sanders and Trump).

The debate goes to show that media bias isn't a left-right issue; rather, it's establishment vs. anti-establishment.

Shahen Boghoussian, Sola Beach, California