Kenneth Books of Shalimar says President Trump’s predecessors failed to take out the garbage, and when President Trump did, Froma Harrop responded with a garbage column.

In an idiotic column, Froma Harrop Thursday declared the U.S. is anxious and leaderless because President Trump had terrorist murderer Qassem Soleimani killed.

She blathers that both GW Bush and Obama had him in their sights but allowed him to live and go on killing Americans. To her, apparently, this was a good thing.

HARROP: Anxiety grips leaderless America

But now we have an actual man in the White House who cares about American lives and thank God for that. He, unlike his predecessors, is a leader and the only Americans who are "anxious" are American-made folks like Harrop.

Bush and Obama failed. Trump took out the garbage.

And Harrop responded with a garbage column.

Kenneth Books, Shalimar