The letter regarding assault and semi-auto gun misconceptions, (Tuesday, Aug. 6) tries to blind us with names and numbers.

Who cares what the gun is called or how many rounds it fires? If a family member were hit by a car would you care what make and model it was? No! It's a big piece of metal that just killed someone precious to you.

The writer then goes on to say, one gun fires 450-650 bullets per minute, the other 40-60 bullets within a minute. But not to worry, it takes time to reload.

Don't you think 40-60 bullets in one minute is more than enough to wipe out a dozen or more people? But then the writer says, we can always rely on the good guy or the police. How many bullets can the bad guy fire, shooting one bullet per second, before a good guy with a gun, hears the shot, realizes what it is, locates the gunman, takes out his weapon, aims and fires it?

Yes in one of last week's shootings the police had apprehended him within a minute but how many people had he killed and injured by then? The good guys will never be fast enough to stop the bloodshed.

I am sorry but you had better come up with some smarter reasons for allowing these type of guns.

Wendy Hernandez, Niceville