I realize anyone under the age of about 50 years does not remember the pollution of the 1970s, however, it was real and it was horrible. The EPA was born in July 1970, and signed into existence Dec. 2, 1970, by President Nixon, a Republican, to address these issues. Since then, we have enjoyed cleaner air and water. 

Recently the policies of the Trump administration have intensified its rollback of these regulations. Regulations help the majority of people, but it seems this administration only cares about only the minority, i.e. those corporations and industries which are more concerned about their bottom line than the health of our citizens. Corporations again are permitted to dump their waste in our waterways, fracking is encouraged, our protected public lands are being released for oil production and mining, wildlife protections are being weakened. The list goes on. 

My experience is that people don’t self-regulate well, so enforced governmental regulations are necessary to protect our environment. Even if you support President Trump, I have to believe you care about the future generations who will have to deal with air and water pollution again. Think about your children and grandchildren; they have to live with the decisions made today about our world. 

Trish Rowe, Valparaiso