We're being barraged with “news” about the shooting at Stoneman Douglas School, done by Nikolas Cruz. Not being mentioned is the incompetence by the government of Broward County in keeping Cruz out of jail. In our area, those who threatened our schools were arrested and held in jail under high cash bonds, but not in liberal Democrat-run Broward County. Cruz was set free to kill 17 people.

Ever since, we've been told lax gun laws and the NRA are responsible.

Bull! Nikolas could not have killed 17 people while locked securely in the Broward County Jail. Broward County ignored that threatening a school is a second-class felony, punishable by years in prison. Because Kruz was a member of the school's ROTC program, which uses NRA instruction guidelines, liberal Democrats blamed the NRA for their mistake.

This is one of many reasons I will never vote for another Democrat.

Mort Davis, Navarre