Re: Story, Dec. 7, 2017, “Prosecutors insist doctor stole $136 million from Medicaid”

If true, this man is both a predator and a betrayer.

I am 89 and practiced as an RN for 45 years, so I am acutely aware of medical ethics. I also have age-related macular degeneration. Since November 2015 I have received 15 injections of a similar drug from my retinal specialist. The progression of my AMD has been arrested because of this drug. If I had only gotten one-quarter of the full dose each time, there’s no telling what condition my AMD would be in by now. The fact that this man would knowingly and deliberately not only let, but also abet, his patients’ eyesight to deteriorate irrevocably is reprehensible.

This man apparently has violated all medical ethics as well as broken the law. He definitely needs to lose his license as well as receive maximum jail time. He has also betrayed every single patient he has ever treated. A trusting relationship between patient and doctor is a precious thing and can work wonders for a patient. How hard will it be for his patients to ever have that trust again?

I am sickened and pray for all his victims. What a tragedy for them!

Virginia Brown, Navarre