It is well known that Navarre-area schools are at maximum capacity. We constantly have bus routes added with standing room only. It seems with the constant growth in Navarre that one might have concern for what is truly at stake. We see developments going in left and right with complete disregard for our children. Many studies have shown that overcrowded classrooms lead to a lower quality education.

A University of London study from 2009 notes that teachers “feel there is a moral imperative operating at the heart of their work: Every child has the right to the attention and support which they need. This is difficult to attain under all circumstances and creates a tension for the teacher, which increases as class size grows.”

Yet, a developer recently obtained an OK from the School District to add seven apartment buildings and a subdivision off Whispering Pines Boulevard. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the math is bad.

As a descendant of career educators, I view education of upmost importance. If our county truly values education, the Navarre housing/apartment boom must hit pause.

James Beasley, Navarre