Saturday brings local voters yet another chance to participate in our government.

To some, it might seem like a chore. But it actually a basic right that we enjoy here because of our heritage of freedom. We are the envy of much of the world simply because we possess self-determination.

We get the government we select.

Unfortunately, too few of us take advantage of the incredible opportunities we have as Americans.

They leave it to others to make the decisions, content to complain about the results or to simply distance themselves from the process.

Don’t be part of that crowd. Got to the polls on Saturday and let your voice be heard.

No, there isn’t a presidential or gubernatorial race on this ballot. But there are important races that will determine a host of public servant positions that are open as well as some policy decisions at the state and local levels.

There is plenty to keep your interest, but there isn’t so much on this ballot that it will be daunting to the potential voter.

You can find a sample ballot on page A5 of today’s Courier and Daily Comet. Or, you can get an individualized sample ballot at the secretary of state’s website, You simply enter your name and zip code, and the website generates a ballot with the exact issues and races you will see in the voting booth.

In statewide voting, there are three proposed constitutional amendments that cover matters such property taxes and gas taxes. There is also a race for state treasurer, a post that was vacated when former Treasurer John Kennedy was elected U.S. senator.

Our region will elect a member of the Public Service Commission, the state agency that oversees the state’s public utilities.

In Terrebonne, voters will decide the fate of two tax issues proposed to help pay for fire protection services and facilities in Bayou Cane. There is also a proposed bond issue for recreation.

In Lafourche, voters will decide on the renewal and reduction of the property tax that helps pay for the North Lafourche Levee District’s services. They also will elect a chief of police in Lockport, a member of the Greater Lafourche Port Commission and a justice of the peace for south Lafourche.

Find out all you can on these issues and people, and make it out to the polls on Saturday. You will be glad that you stepped up and did your civic duty.

The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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