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LYNN HAVEN — Extra time at home can yield something fresh — especially if you’re a gardener.

Raised in an agricultural part of Wisconsin and much later transplanted to the area four years ago, Lynn Haven Garden Club President Patricia Wood said growing a garden is easy and a therapeutic way to spend time at home.

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And, contrary to some ideas about planting, gardening doesn’t necessarily require a lot of space.

“No matter what you have for space, whether one pot or till up your entire backyard, it’s well worth doing it,” Wood said. “Making something grow that you can then eat, is very rewarding. I personally really love my garden.”

She snaked through her backyard Friday, showing her array of planted peas, squash, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs planted in raised beds and multi-size planters that sit not too far from a canal bank that leads to Upper Goose Bayou behind her house.

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“They’re like eating candy, so sweet. The peas will produce for about another month,” she said, snapping a few pods off a bush. “And aren’t they beautiful.”

Wood grows enough vegetables and herbs in a couple of raised beds in her backyard to supplement her family’s diet, which can be useful as people spend more time with family and less time at grocers while practicing social distancing.

“So many kids don’t know where our food comes from,” Wood said. “So, it’s a great thing to do with your kids and let them take some responsibility to learn a little bit.”

And while she maintained a family may fare better buying the bulk of their vegetables from a store, home gardening is the best way to know where your produce comes from and how it’s handled, Wood said.

“I know what’s in here,” she said, bending to grab a few leaves on one plant. “We don’t do chemicals. It’s organic.”

The soft echoes of a wind chime could be faintly heard Friday as cool winds blew across the raised beds, herb planters, and adjacent flower garden in the backyard lot. The serenity of the scene was evidence Wood had invested some time into making the space something useful for her and her family.

“Planting a garden is a symbol of hope and future because there is no instant gratification,” she said. “You got to tend it and take care of it.”

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