MILTON — If wining competitions and setting state records is an indicator of success, the Bar Strength and Fitness owner Bryan May and strength coach John Severson may have found the key.

The Bar offers individualized and personal training geared to help you better yourself in areas such as power lifting, weightlifting, physique, or overall health and fitness. Members of the Bar consistently win weightlifting competitions regardless of weight class and often set new state records.

The latest competition was Sept. 7 at the USPA Gulf Coast Classic III in Orange Beach, Alabama.

"We had four of our guys win their weight classes and one set a new Florida squat record," said Kathy May, Bryan May's mother.

May is also an offshore underwater wielder and can spend weeks at a time in the Gulf of Mexico. If he is home, he is at the gym working out and checking on things.

The competitions consist of different weight classes competing against each other. Each power lifter must complete three lifts, the bench press, the squat and the dead lift. Competitors can win by lifting the most in individual events and they can win by total weight lifted for all three events.

Braden Cross in the 198-pound weight class won first place and set records for the junior men's raw division lifting a total of 1,577.4 pounds in the three events. Cross also set the Florida state record for the squat in his division with a lift of 574.3 pounds.

Ryan Jones took second place in the 198-pound raw division with a total of 1,173.9 pounds.

Derek Hared took first place for the 220-pound open classic raw division with a total of 1,603.8 for all three events.

Severson took first place in the 308-pound open classic raw division with a total lift of 1,868.4 pounds.

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The next meet is sponsored by the Bar at the Santa Rosa Auditorium in Milton is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 12.