MILTON – Milton City Council has voted 3-2 to move forward on providing voters in the city of Milton with a pamphlet that will provide information regarding the half cent sales tax increase proposed by the county commissioners.

The city has distributed similar pamphlets to the public regarding upcoming referendums to provide clarification on the upcoming votes, according to city documentation.

The cost to complete the mailing, according to City Manager Randy Jorgenson, would be approximately $5,000. Jorgenson said that he wanted to make it clear that the pamphlets were to provide information only and would not express the opinion about of the city. Jorgenson said the flyer was reviewed by legal council and was deemed acceptable to be mailed.

Councilwoman Shannon Rice said she did not agree with the sales tax being on a special election but said she did believe the voters should be the ones to vote and decide on the tax.

“I do not believe we need to spend more tax dollars in what I believe to be in a persuasive nature,” Rice said.

Rice said she felt the pamphlets would imply the city was giving an opinion on the tax and cautioned against it. Rice said she would vote against the pamphlets.

Councilman Casey Powell, who also voted against the pamphlets, said while he did agree the voters should be the ones to make the decision on the tax, he did not believe the city should send out a separate mailing.

Councilwoman Peggi Smith said while she appreciates her fellow councilman’s concerns, she said she felt the pamphlets were OK to mail out as many people would appreciate getting the information.

“If it's information that 80% of the rest of the citizens do want then that’s great,” Smith said.

While the vote was passed to move the item forward, it will still be discussed at the executive City Council meeting in October.