MILTON — When you get a group of passionate artists together, creative discussions to share ideas and critiques begin to happen and friendships are formed. For a group of artists in Santa Rosa County, the Wandering Artists Group is meant for just that.

According to William Dubois, the coordinator of the group, WAG was started after a previous art class at Pensacola State College ended and the student artists wanted to continue their collaborations together. Bubois, who serves as a volunteer on a library advisory board, began to work with Milton, Gulf Breeze and Navarre libraries to hold their group meeting once or twice a month.

"It's open to anybody who wants to come join us for painting or pastels, or drawing," Dubois said. "We kind of rotate around."

He said the sessions are designed as a free painting "studio time," where artists can bring in anything they are working on.

"Once a month we will have a critique session, that's sort of a show and tell," he said.

Typically, the group has anywhere from seven to 10 people attend the sessions each time. Dubois said he hopes to increase that number when the Pace Library finishes the addition of their meeting room next year.

The current lineup for the sessions will end in November, when they will take a pause and begin again in February. Sessions generally begin at 10 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.

Bubois said he welcomes all artists but said if they cannot make it to WAG, he would encourage them to attend the Santa Rosa's Art Associations meeting at Pensacola State College Milton Campus, which meet the fourth Saturday of every month from September to April. For more information about the Wandering Artists Group, email