MILTON — Milton City Council is dedicated to preserving the history of Milton as well as honoring and respecting the graves of those who have passed away.

To help protect the historic Milton Cemetery, which has been vandalized recently according to Milton Police, the city purchased four security cameras to monitor the activity on the grounds.

According to a request from the Public Works Department, they are requesting six more cameras and five lights to be installed. The cost would amount to $10,973 and come from the cemetery funds, the request said.

Councilwoman Peggi Smith asked if there had been incidents that had recently happened which would warrant the city spending this money on the additional cameras.

Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell said there have been incidents and hopes the cameras will help deter it.

"From time to time we have people going in there and tearing stuff up," Tindell said. "A lot of that stuff is irreplaceable."

Tindell said that officers patrol the cemetery everyday and the cameras would help them ensure the cemetery's safety.

During the latest City Council meeting, Public Works Director Joe Cook said that the cameras had recently been successfully tested to verify their quality and ability to capture a perpetrator's face and license plate number and were delivering high quality pictures.