MILTON — On the morning of Aug. 25, local artist Nick Almeida and his girlfriend, Brittany Spitz, took their paint brushes and paints to the Santa Rosa Jewelers to begin work on the first Wings Over Milton mural for the city.

By 1 p.m. that afternoon, the two had made significant progress on the mural and drawing a lot of attention from passing motorists who stopped to take pictures and show their support as well as the local video blogger, "Blackwater Report," who interviewed the two.

"We've been working it," Almeida said.

Almeida said the mural stands approximately 12 feet by 21 feet and should be finished within the week. On Aug. 26, Almeida came back out to paint the clouds onto the mural. He said he will be coming back out to finish painting the details onto the wings and add the flag and message as well as the finishing details in between working his regular job. 

"We'll just make it come alive," he said.

Almeida, who was chosen by the Milton City Council in July as the winner of the first mural contest, said he was excited about winning the contest. He said he came up with his design for the mural because he felt like wings formed from an American flag were what would be best suited for Milton. Being born and raised in Milton, Almeida said he would be very willing to continue to do projects for the city and is grateful to have had this opportunity to provide the first wings mural to the city.