MILTON — City Council has chosen the Santa Rosa Jewelers for its first location for the long awaited and highly anticipated Wings Over Milton mural project and artist Nick Almedia, whose mural was chosen to be featured on the building, is ready to start painting.

Almedia, who was chosen by council in July as the winner of the first mural contest, said he was excited about winning the contest. He said he came up with his design for the mural because he felt like the American flag wings were what would be best suited for Milton.

"It is something that would catch the eye of the people," Almedia said. "It was just going to be wings. I thought that would have been perfect, but then I thought about it and I thought I wanted something unique that I haven't seen before."

Almedia said he first heard about the contest from his girlfriend's mother and decided to enter the contest. After entering, he said he had misgivings about if his painting would make the final cut but felt like he needed to take the chance.

"I had my doubts," he said.

His journey into painting started two years ago with his girlfriend, Brittany Spitz. Initially, he started out painting small wooden boxes to hold the cards from a card game that they played. However, their love of painting grew into a business called Scorpini Art Studio.

Almedia said he is inspired by life and colors, which translated into his concept for the wings mural, which displayed vivid colors and imagery.

Almedia said he plans to take his time and go slow with the mural, making sure it is something the city will love. He said will will be working on the mural in-between his regular job and caring for his family.

"Initially, we'll clean the wall first," Almedia said. "Then we'll put the primer coat on it. Then start with the background color, the sky blue background, and then we will add our clouds and the wings. It's painting by numbers from there."

Being born and raised in Milton, Almedia said he would be very willing to continue to do projects for the city and is grateful to have had this opportunity to provide the first wings mural to the city.

"I want to give a huge and thanks to the city," he said. "It's been an awesome thing."