PACE — The Spear family are entrepreneurs, with an interesting tradition. They like to own their own businesses and name the business after people in their family.

"We started with Ashley (their adult daughter) and a company called Ashley's Industrial," said Helen Spears, the mother.

They may end their careers with the new nuts, candies and gift store called T'Porter's, the name of their youngest son who just graduated from Pace High School in 2019, Porter Spears.

Spears' started a small print shop 22 years ago called Trent's Prints, named after their son Trenton, and it became their mainstay business. Trent's Prints has had a couple of locations throughout the Pace, Chumuckla and Milton area. In 2014, the Spears bought the storefront property where they are currently located at 4645 Woodbine Road and run the print business from there.

As time passed, the children grew older and started having their own lives to live. Trenton and Ashley left for Atlanta to start their own lives. Trenton, the oldest son, started a career with Coca-Cola and lives there with his family. Ashley Spears is still exploring her interests wherever she can and is back in Pace for a while to help the family transition to the new business.

The Spears have maintained a successful business out of the print shop for the past 22 years. They have a core group of clients that have been with them for years.

"We will be around for our printing clients when they need us," said Helen Spears.

Unfortunately, the printing business isn't growing anymore and, according to Spears, with technology evolving there may not be a need for print shops anymore in the future.

That is where daughter Ashley reappeared. One day she started talking to her mom about art.

"She starts by telling me that she is interested doing something with art and baking," Helen said. "From that single conversation, the idea of owning and running a nuts, candies and gift store was born."

Now the majority of the family is back to transition part of the print shop space into its future nuts, candies and gift shop. Ashley said that it will eventually become a bakery with only homemade products and candies made on site. They are building a kitchen and service area to the building now.

Trent's Print's will continue with its printing business at the same location. The family plans to open T'Porter's business by Oct. 1, 2019.