Aldi, a German family-owned discount supermarket chain, submitted a plan for approval to the Santa Rosa County Development Services, but the store hinges on approval of a major 19 acre infrastructure project, also awaiting approval.

NAVARRE — A 19-acre infrastructure project could see approval soon putting Navarre residents one step closer to possibly getting an Aldi, the German family-owned discount supermarket chain.

According to Santa Rosa County Planner Jason McLarty, development of the supermarket won't begin until the approval of a master infrastructure development. The 19 acres located at U.S. 98 and Ortega Street is owned by Navarre 19 LLC, according to the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser's website.

"They're both being done simultaneously. They're both under review right now, and they're both very close to being completed with their reviews," McLarty said Friday.

Craig Kruse, one of the project's developers, said it's too early to comment on what will be added to the lot along with Aldi, but he said that as of right now, it is mainly service developments and not retail.

"Everybody's going to be pleased," Kruse said Monday.

At the moment, McLarty said, Aldi's development is dependent on the roadways being placed by Navarre 19.

"I don't think it'll take long for them to develop once the Navarre 19 has the roadways and everything in place," McLarty said.

Both plans have been submitted, are expected to be reviewed this week, and development orders possibly will be issued, McLarty said.

After plans have been approved, McLarty said the next step is for the Navarre 19 developers to proceed with putting in roadways and the storm-water pond while Aldi constructs their site. Development likely will happen at the same time, McLarty said.

Along with the Aldi, McLarty said, Navarre 19 LLC plans to build and sell other parcels. McLarty added that some of the parcels facing U.S. 98 are being looked at "heavily" by other developers, although he didn't specify the type of developers.

Santa Rosa County Commissioner Dave Piech said he looks forward to having an Aldi in the area because of the diversity the store would bring for Navarre residents.

"I think it's going to provide more options for folks to shop," Piech said. "Aldi is a competitive brand. I'm familiar with them from living all over the country, and they provide good products at reasonable prices."

The Navarre Aldi location would mark the first in Northwest Florida, according to Aldi's website.