MILTON — The Milton Rotary Club recently welcomed Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson.

He spoke of the new drug interdiction unit that was formed earlier this year and how its goal is to deal with the narcotics issue in the county.

There are three deputies assigned to this unit at this time and all have had specialty training in this area. The new interdiction unit has been working well and has had 15 arrests to date.

Johnson also spoke about the jail. It  makes money through housing federal inmates. Any money they make is given back to the county.

According to Johnson, the Sheriff's Office currently has 450 employees; 330 have badges. The current growth of the county is also fueling its growth. Many of the costs associated with running the department can't be controlled and that presents budgeting issues, he said.

He did talk about each school in Santa Rosa County having a school resource officer this year and these will be working deputies. He also mentioned that each area of the county has sections that are a concern, but he feels good about his department and the job they are doing for Santa Rosa County.