I wonder if the family of those murdered this past weekend give a damn about the semantics of this argument.

I’m compelled to address the recent the mass shootings.

My horror and grief shared by many caused once again by a senseless, ruthless act. The opinion printed Aug. 6, (Misconception persists with semi-auto weapons), regarding the misconceptions of semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons left me cold.

I wonder if the family of those murdered this past weekend give a damn about the semantics of this argument. Explain that to the mother who lost her child, to the grandparents who lost their son and daughter in-law but are fortunate enough to have been spared their 2-month-old granddaughter, only because the bodies of both her parents shielded her. I bet they don’t care how many bullets per minute we’re fired.

If you are hellbent on carrying a gun and are worried that your right to arm yourself will be taken away, then get involved. Arming yourself with a gun is a far cry from having a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in your home. You have the right to do that now. You can buy as many guns and bullets as you want. You also have the right to expect safety in public places.

There are so many arguments going sideways about this issue that we have become paralyzed. In the meantime, another sick individual plans the next mass murder.

What will it take us to care enough to incite a change? Will it be when you are running for cover in Walmart? Or will it be when you receive a call that a loved was has been shot and murdered? Will it be the next time you order concert or football tickets worrying if something will happen to you or your loved ones?

We desperately need to start somewhere regarding these senseless murders. What we are dealing with is a far cry from stifling your Second Amendment rights

Instead of name-calling and simply trying to get elected, I wish our elected officials on both sides would come up with a solution, one that addresses the rights of every individual to live freely and pursue their happiness, even if that is obtained by going to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon.

You shouldn’t have to worry that you or your 17-year-old you sent to get a carton of eggs is going to make it home again. You shouldn’t have to think twice about sending your child to school. You shouldn’t have to tell a child their father or mother is dead because the gun used to shoot them shot only 40-60 bullets per minute not 450-650 per minute.

I pray we come up with some type of compromise where your right to arm yourself doesn’t impinge on my safety and that of my loved ones.

Dorothy Robinson is a resident of Destin.