I have a small home in Walton County. I want to know why there isn’t any recycling of plastics, glass, aluminum and paper available curbside for the taxpaying residents of Walton County?

There is plenty of revenue that would pay for recycling that would help our environment. The southern area of Walton County near 30A and my area in Miramar Beach must generate tax revenues to cover recycling of materials that every other major area in Florida recycles.

I also live in Sarasota in a modest home and 90 percent of my neighbors recycle their waste. Why is Walton County not caring about our environment as most of Florida counties are? Where are the wealthy homeowner taxes in the South Walton County going?

What does it take to get recycling to all condos, apartments and homes in Walton County? If it is, let’s say, $10 a month, it would be worth it. I know that most people, even the poorest and richest, can pay $10 a month more in taxes to help save our environment.

Walton County needs to fix this major problem and provide recycling to the taxpaying citizens of our county.

Delaine Syster, Miramar Beach